Our Story

Hi, Beautiful Bloomers! 

My name is Lindsey Hurst, owner of Hurst Farms. My husband, Bryce Hurst, and I started this business at the beginning of 2020 and we couldn’t be more excited! Even though 2020 has been quite a difficult year, we’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to work from home and be able to start up Hurst Farms. 

What got us started in this business was also our most beautiful bloom of the year, our Dahlias! We normally plant them in our backyard, but this year we decided to planted them in our front flower beds to share fun and happiness to our fiends and surrounding community. And we’re so happy we did! 

After sharing them on social media, some great discussions with friend and family later convinced my husband and I to start digging (and not just in the dirt). As I began researching and digging in my back yard, we knew this was the right move for us. 

Make sure to follow us for sneak peaks of our first bloom sale coming this spring!We continue to improve our garden and are learning new things every day on what is best for our little garden. We hope you keep up with us on social media and we look forward to a great new year!


Lindsey and Bryce Hurst